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In Praise of Anal Sex
50 women share the joy of anal sex 

Top 5 Tips
Our check list of the five things you need to know for a good, safe, pleasant anal sex experience. 

Hints from Men
Excellent, first-hand anal sex advice from men. 

Hints from Women
The women speak out with hints on making it a good, painless experience.

Anal Preparedness
How to get your butt ready for anal action.

Anal Sex Toys
Learn how to use popular toys like butt plugs, anal beads, and anal vibrators

Should you or shouldn't you? The Great Enema Debate.

First-Time Stories
Don't miss these hot, real-life stories of first-time anal action.

Anal Sex Statistics
Just how common is anal sex? More common than you might think

Kobe Bryant Anal Sex Facts
There have been a lot of rumors about Kobe Bryant and the dangers of anal sex, we answer common questions

Anal Sex Resources on the Net
Our links to the absolute best anal sex info on the Net.

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