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Step 2: Easing Her Into It

Now that you've done your homework and become something of an expert anal sex, it's time to set the stage by warming her up to the idea. 

Casually Bring It Up

If you haven't discussed anal sex with her before, bring up the subject casually in a non-sexual situation. For instance, when you're driving somewhere together or laying on the couch watching TV, ask her a bit about her experiences with anal sex and her feelings about it. Just fish around for info and talk about your general interest in the subject. When you're having this discussion, keep in mind 

Principal #1: Anal sex is perfectly natural

Don't even think about doing anything at this point. That is, unless she tells you she's a secret anal sex freak. It's more likely, however, that she's going to be ambivalent or downright negative. So, you should just make it be an interesting topic of conversation, not something you're proposing you actually do. 

Talk About What You've Learned

Whenever you discuss anal sex, either that first time or thereafter, talk about the things you've learned. Make yourself seem like an expert on anal sex, someone who would be an excellent teacher. Emphasize all you've learned about make the experience a pleasant, painless one. Remember 

Principal # 3: It won't hurt a bit

Experiment with Anal Play

Enough talking, it's time for action. You need to get her used to the idea that anal play should be a part of your sex life. The best way to do this is with a lubed-up finger. Try, for instance, taking a shower together and washing her everywhere. Or while performing oral sex, apply some lube and slip in a finger. As you learned in your reading, it's very important not to put your finger back in her vagina after it's been in her ass; so be very careful.

If you're a bit more adventuresome, there are some other great ways to initiate anal play. One way is to perform analingus on her; kiss and lick her around her anus, she'll love it. Also, encourage her to stick her finger in your ass. After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

You've warmed her up to the idea and experimented a bit. It's time to go for the gold.

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