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The Rumors

Kobe Bryant has been accused of rape. Rumors are flying around the world that anal sex was involved. On one TV show a commentator said Kobe engaged in a "deviant" act, and people are suggesting that Kobe Bryant injured his accuser. We have no opinion on this case, have no idea what took place in that room, and leave it to the justice system to work this out in a fair way. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about anal sex this case has caused, and we'd like to dispel a few.

Anal sex is dangerous/hurts: FALSE

Anal sex can hurt, just as vaginal sex can hurt, To have any kind of sex, both parties must be willing and ready. Especially with anal sex, it is vital that both people communicate and go slowly, making sure at each step that there is no pain involved. This website includes dozens and dozens on tips of how to achieve that goal, making anal sex fun, not painful.

One key point to remember with anal sex is that, unlike with vaginal sex, where the vagina produces its own lubricant, you should add your own lubricant during anal sex. You can purchase excellent lubricants at any drugstore, like KY Jelly,, and Astroglide. We can't emphasize this enough, use lots and lots of lube when having anal sex. .

Anal sex is deviant/perverse/disgusting: FALSE

Anal sex is a very common sexual practice. We have compiled some statistics about this. There is nothing perverse or evil about it, as long as both people consent and engage in it with care and concern for each other.

People have been engaging in anal sex since the dawn of time, and if done with care, it is pleasurable for both parties. Therefore, there is nothing "unnatural" or "sick" or "deviant" about anal sex.

Since you can't get pregnant, you don't need to use a condom with anal sex: FALSE

You can get pregnant from anal sex. The ejaculate can easily flow into the vagina. It is also possible to spread STDs anally. Therefore, you must use a condom if you aren't using another form of birth control, and you should use a condom in order to avoid spreading STDs. Remember to use water-based lubricants with latex condoms. Oil-based lubricants can damage the latex.

Kobe Bryant's penis is so large, anal sex must have been painful: ABSURD

We have no idea how big Kobe Bryant's penis is, but there's no reason people with larger-than-average penises can't have anal sex. It is true that a larger penis can cause pain for the recipient, so couples in that situation need to take extra time and care to work their way up to full penetration. Using sex toys is a great way to prepare for taking a large penis anally. It may take several weeks to work up to penetration, starting small and gradually using larger and larger toys. Of course, you also need lots of lube, patience and good communication.

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